What is PET?

PET is an environmentally friendly product, made of thermoplastic or Polyethylene terephthalate, which is different from other non-PVC plastic materials, and is used to produce baby bottle or drink bottle. It is also covered by a high gloss membrane that has excellent weather and scratch resistance.
Our Vietnamese L&C PET Glossia Hyundai product has the variety of colors, patterns and texture processed by PUR glue.

PUR Glue

  • PUR glue, Urethan adhesive at strengthening format when meeting humidity, is put on inside of PET and turns into rubber when reacting to humidity in air. Therefore, it is considered as an environmentally friendly product.

Advantages of PET

1. High-quality texture
PET, a high gloss or non gloss decorating material, is replaceable for paint. The product is tougher than PVC and easily sticky on other ones.
2. Environmentally friendly material
PET is a constructive material that reduces air pollution, which is researched according to standard of environmentally friendly and health protecting house construction.
3. Non-chemical reaction, anti-dirt
PET is a product that has non-chemical reaction to acid, base and alcohol. It is not spotted by materials in activities of daily living such as oil, coffee.
4.Resistance to light
Its resistance to light is better than paint following inside house standard. It is also not yellowed when contacting with sunlight.
5. Waterproof
PET is UV coating handled with characteristic of preeminent anti-scratch.
6. Various design
There are many options of various designs like monochrome, patterns, embossed pattern, iridescence.

Monochrome 71 types + Pattern 2 types + Embossed pattern 29 types +Iridescence 10 types = Total 112 types.

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